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Pandemic 1918: “Flattening the Curve” was done before

It it times like these when we should look first into history for answers before we repeat the same mistakes. Case in point, the Governors, President, and others people in power make it sound like “flattening the curve” is a novel idea. It’s not. Been there, done that, mistakes were made. Only that was back in 1918, and few people know what happened. National Geographic reported...

Pandemic 2020: Next Up, Africa

I’m worried for Africa. I’ve spent the last month dropping into the rabbit hole researching, analyzing, and experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic, and I have seen just one minor analysis of what the pandemic means in Africa. I’m American, but have met and taught hundreds of African entrepreneurs, personally visiting many of their businesses in Africa. In the past week I’ve...

Pandemics are like Playing Cards

All week I’ve had conversations with people from across the U.S. and from around the world who still don’t understand how epidemics work. It’s not at all intuitive. I get that. Three weeks ago I posted this great video to help build that intuition. Daily updated from Dr. John Campbell help as well. Today let’s try making it simple. Today let me explain the pandemic as a...

Pandemic Q&A

Beyond the blog, I’ve been answering a lot of questions about Coronavirus and its economic consequences over on Quora.


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