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Worthless Currency

From all my readings of the history of currencies, I felt the need to create a my own collection of worthless paper currencies. The first of these are on their way now, but in the meantime, I came across a website selling souvenir Zero Euro bills, and what better way to begin this collection than with a paper bill commemorating Euro’s most famous anti-Capitalist economist, Karl Marx. You...

The Opportunity is Africa

I learned a lot about podcasts over the last year with The Next Step: Podcast, and I’ll continue posting to that channel occasionally, but for the rest of 2019 and 2020, I’m focused on a new podcast, one that look at the multitude of business opportunities across Africa. The other reason for the focus is my opportunity to share these stories on the new Africa Business Radio podcast...

Too Big to Succeed

Blogging is just one more example of the key lesson I teach entrepreneurs, that it takes multiple iterations to find something that works. That is true not only for products, but also for sales, marketing, and messaging. The words I’ve failed to find in the story of WeWork and its lead investor Softbank I found buried in a CNBC article: Too big to succeed The problem with Softbank’s Vision Fund...

The Tokyo-Riyhad Capital Bubble Bursts

When the WeWork IPO was still a possibility, the Tokyo-Ridyhad Capitalism paradigm seemed outrageous but not impossible. Two weeks later, the bubble has burst but the unwinding seems to be just as outrageous. According to TechCrunch, for all the harm and fraud Adam has caused his employees, landlords, and investors, SoftBank is rewarding him with $1 billion buy out plus a $500 million loan to pay...


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